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How To Use Your Baltic Amber

Baltic amber releases succinate, a natural anti-inflammatory through the skin. And while our body makes it, amber can boost levels to assist with teething, drooling and other pain issues. Many moms notice results within 12 hours, but every child is different, so be patient as those succinate levels rise.

  • Amber jewelry is made for wearing, not chewing.
  • Wear your amber as close to the skin, and source of pain as possible
  • For diffusing, use a child-safe, high quality essential oil and add 1-2 drops to the porous lava rock stone – try not to get the oil on the amber beads
  • Do not wear in the bath, or pool.

Once you’ve tried your jewelry, you’ll probably want to share your experience with other shoppers, who are trying to decide whether R.B. Certified Amber is a great idea for them too. So, try it on and go ahead and take tons of pictures and show other mom’s how beautiful your child looks!