Baltic Amber Jewelry Repair

If you have a necklace or bracelet that needs repair and is not covered by our 2-year warranty, please purchase our repair service.  Once purchased, we will email you instructions.  You will send your item to us, we will repair it for you and send it back! Please allow a 2-week turn-around time once we receive your item.  (Our normal turn-around time is usually much faster than 2 weeks.)

What will we repair?  Any Baltic amber or Baltic amber/gemstone necklace or bracelet with a screw or pop clasp and less than 22" long. Any Baltic amber bracelet strung on elastic cord.

Will we repair items that were not purchased from us or one of our retailers?  Sure, we are happy to help you with your necklace or bracelet, even if you didn't purchase it from us.

Have more than one item to repair?  You will need to purchase (1) Baltic Amber Jewelry Repair for each piece of jewelry that needs repair.

Please note:  We can not repair jewelry that has been crushed during transit, so please package your Baltic amber well before shipping to us.