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Our Partnership with Mahima Creations

Our Faith + Love Collection is made in partnership with Mahima Creations - a family business bringing LOVE, HOPE, and JOBS to destitute women in India.

Social entrepreneur, Gayle Lawrence of IndiOdyssey founded Mahima Creations in 2013 after seeing an opportunity to assist the "Abandoned Widows of Vrindavan." These widows have been banished by their families and left alone in the world to struggle for survival. Gayle rented a house next to a government ashram housing 400 widows and opened up shop! Here, Gayle develops new products and teaches the widows to make them. These widows hand-carve each of our delicate sandalwood beads.

The widows at Mahima Creations create recycled sari shopping bags, handmade Indian jewelry supplies, clothing, incense, and more! In return, they earn financial freedom, independence, and self-worth. Treated with love and respect, these women blossom into their authentic self.

Thank you for your support! ♡♡