Baltic Amber Aromatherapy Necklace for Adults

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    Aromatherapy: Lava Rock is a naturally porous stone perfect for diffusing essential oils.

    Pain Relief: Traditionally, Europeans have used Baltic amber for headaches/migraines, joint pain, arthritis, dental issues, carpal tunnel syndrome, menstrual pain, and more.

    Anti-Inflammatory: Baltic Amber contains a substance called succinic acid. Historically, it is believed that when Baltic Amber is worn against the skin, the body's warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber, which contain succinic acid. Succinic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory & analgesic.

    Stress Relief: Ancient Chinese used amber to calm the spirit.


    Baltic Amber is not a stone, but a fossilized tree resin. Each bead is a beautiful and unique piece of history - a fossil from an ancient forest! Our Genuine Baltic Amber is 100% natural and is available in a variety of colors. Because of this, *each* piece of Baltic Amber jewelry we sell is one-of-a-kind. Our Baltic Amber comes from amber mines near the Baltic Sea. 


    Lava is an amazing stone. It is not only beautiful; it is naturally porous, making it perfect for diffusing essential oils.


    Wear your Baltic Amber necklace next to the skin, under clothing, and as close to the pain source as possible. For diffusing, apply 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil to the lava rock. Avoid getting essential oils on the Baltic Amber beads. Do not wear jewelry in the bath or pool. Avoid detergents and cleansers. To care for your Baltic Amber, clean with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.

Customer Reviews

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Looks stunning!

I bought this for my mother in law to help with her many health issues and also be a cute accessory with many outfits and she absolutely loves it. No complaints whatsoever!

First month of relief in years!

I had a neck and shoulder injury 14 years ago and have suffered from pain since then, including inflammation and arthritis. I ordered the baltic amber necklace hoping that it would provide some relief. Although I still feel the pressure from the pain in my neck and shoulder, I haven't had the pain escalate into extreme pain at all since I started wearing this necklace. I don't take pain pills and like to treat symptoms with alternative treatments and this necklace, however the baltic amber does it with the succinic acid, I am thankful!!! I will be ordering an anklet and bracelet to help with inflammation in other areas too! Thank you!!!

Gift for Grandma

I bought this in hopes it would help my Grandma’s arthritic neck. She loves it! She has seen a major difference in her pain and neck flexibility. Definitely recommend! This was my first time buying one for an adult. I’ve used the necklaces on my two youngest children. And I swear by them!

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